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Women Super Losers

superannuation loser woman

Women Super Losers  

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My Rate Finder. Coming soon…

My Rate Finder Pty Ltd

Coming Soon…         My Rate Finder

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Longer Life a Super Disaster

Longer Life fueling super disaster

Longer Life a Super Disaster One of the fundamentals of planning for your future is figuring out how long that future might be.  Otherwise you will end up with a super disaster. Information in the graph is taken from the most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics national […]

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Super Quiz See Your Future in 5 Questions

superannuation quiz

Super Quiz – See Your future in 5 Questions Take the Super Quiz if you dare find our  

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Joe Merciful

superannuation mercy

Joe Merciful How thankful we are to Joe Merciful (Hockey) and his compassionate liberal party.  To be able to spend your own money when dying is a great gift.  Aww, Joe you care! There was not many changes to super at the last budget earlier this year. […]

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Monkey Beats Stock Broker

k picking monkey

(The monkey in this image is not amongst the actual monkeys that have been kicking stock broker’s butts ) Monkey Beats Stock Broker Monkey beats stock broker is not a joke.  It is all too real  They (and I specifically mean actual monkeys) have been whipping stock brokers […]

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$500 Free with Super Co-Contribution

$500 free superannuation money

$500 Free with Super Co-Contribution $500 Free Super Co-Contribution It is not often in life that you are given something for nothing.  However the government’s superannuation (super) co-contribution scheme is one such opportunity that you should be aware of.  In this current 2014/2015 financial year (ends June […]

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8 Pitfalls of Property with Super

pitfalls of property with superannuation

8 Pitfalls of Property with Super Limited recourse loans (where the bank can’t come after everything) to purchase property through SMSF have been allowed in Australia since 2007.  Hundreds of real estate agents and property spruikers have been excited at the rich pickings available from being able […]

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Lost Super Costly to Ignore

no roof with no super

LOST SUPER Costly to Ignore The cost of ignoring your Lost Superannuation (Super) is truly alarming. Currently Australia has over 18 billion in Lost Super. A Westpac study has revealed that over 50% of Australians have multiple funds. These figures are growing. Lost super is killing us. […]

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