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About Us

My Super Finder was established in order to give you a chance in retirement. For better or worse we are forced to have almost 10% of our income set aside during our working life. It is called Superannuation (super) and it is highly complex and filled with red tape.

Australian’s are paying the price with over $18 billion in lost super and more than 50% of us having multiple funds. Multiple funds means multiple sets of fees & life insurance premiums dwindling down our future savings.

We believe we can help the most by fighting to eradicate these needless losses. We find your lost super. We consolidate and roll it all into one. We make sure it is set up correctly with the right contact and, beneficiaries details. We allow you to customise the amount of life insurance, income protection and permanent disability within the fund so you can choose the amount of cover your fund is paying for rather than being given the set default amount of insurance without being asked when you set up super with a new job.

We don’t want to charge you exorbitant fees for this service and we want the service to be quick and easy. Hence, we do not provide a traditional financial planner’s personal advice process.

There is no fact find and no statement of advice booklet involved. We provide general advice only so we can get your super sorted in the one account with you in control efficiently and cheaply.

Give us a call and take control of your super today.