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Find Lost Super Now FREE!

Australia is missing out with over $18 Billion of lost super.  More than half of us have multiple funds dwindling down.  It could have happened many ways, when you moved jobs, changed name or plain didn’t have organising your super in mind.  If you are here you now, you have realised and you have come to the right place.  My Super Finder has been created just to help you sort this super mess out.  Best of all, each step is completely free and optional with no obligation to move on to the next step.

  1. Find Lost Super – We conduct a thorough search going back over 20 years to find every last bit of your lost super – FREE
  2. Give you the Results – This includes any account numbers and details you may need to organise transferring your multiple super funds found into one – FREE
  3. Sort your Beneficiary Nomination – We direct you to information about making a beneficiary nomination and the intricate rules within super regarding this.  The peace of mind that your directions and future wishes are in place – FREE
  4. Sort the Insurance in your Super – Your existing super funds will generally have life insurance and income protection policies inside them dwindling down their balances.  We refer you to a qualified specialist to find out what your existing insurance is and customise it to your wishes whether you want more or less rather than the set amount people’s super is paying that they too often do not even know about – If you choose to change the level of cover the specialist is paid by whichever insurance provider you choose and the service is FREE